Lundgren Wines

We are a family run Import and Distribution company rooted in the sincerest passion for “Natural wine”. Wines that is made Sustainably, without a chemical intervention by small independent artisan winemakers.

We feel truly lucky to have the opportunity to represent as well as work directly together with the wonderful people who’s wines we stock. After all, these are the wines we ourselves love drink!

Our goal is to share these wines together with Mallorca, by establishing a market together with Restauranteurs, bar owners and other Stockist that also share our passion for Sustainable beverages.

We have recognised that our selection also appeal to others outside of Mallorca, therefore we provide export service to other countries within the EU as well as private Imports to Sweden.

Welcome to Lundgren Wines
/Eritrea, Pärnilla, Stefan & Lukas

The Online Bottle Store

We are happy to finally present to you our online bottle store! Here you can find a wide rage of; ciders, wines and other natural beverages from small independent producers within the EU but also from Mallorca!
Here we also provide a legal solution to get wines into Sweden via Private Import. With currently limited selection within the Swedish Monopoly we happily offer this service and deliver our wines to your doorstep via DHL!

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La Sang

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Wine Tastings

Wine Shop

October 10th 2019 We opened the doors to Mallorca very own natural wine bar that also operates as a bottle store. La Sang is an intimate space that offers small plates of charcuterie & cheeses sourced from the local markets as well as a wide range of international aswell as local wines & an extensive by the glass list that changes every week!
Also offering to hold wine tastings and other events.


Wednesday to Saturday: 12.30 – 15.00 / 19:00 – 23.30

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