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Champagne, France
Valérie Frison Currently cultivates 6 hectares of vineyards, in a small village Allocated more south in the Champagne region; Ville sur Arce, Côte des Bars. Valérie took over the winery from her grandfather which went under the name Demarne-Frision. A bigger part of the vineyards consists of Pinot noir, a smaller amount of Chardonnay. After a field-trip to to the Alsace region, seeing the power of Biodynamic agriculture Valérie understood the importance of respecting and preserving Terroir. In that way the Vintage can better express Soil, place and time. The winery has been Organically certified since 2003. Grapes are hand picked at the peek of ripeness, Alcoholic fermentation starts on it’s own with indigenous yeast, as well as the malolactic follows naturally, refining on the yeast takes place in old barrels. bare minimum of added S02 are used and disgorging without dosage to leaves each Cuvée to express itself clearly and naturally.